The word Yimchunger means “the ones who have reached their place of choice”. It is rendered in various ways, including: Yimchungru, Yimchungru-Naga, Yimchungre, Yanchunger. They are also known as the Yachumi (also Yatsumi or Yachimi), which is a Sema-influenced name.
According to the Yimchunger tradition, the tribe emerged at a village called Moru and then came to Jure village. The Yimchungers and the Khiamungans are believed to have migrated to the present-day Nagaland from Upper Burma as one group, in one wave. They separated into two groups at the Moru village.


Metemneo is the traditional five-day harvest festival of the Yimchunger tribe. It is celebrated after the millet crop is harvested, usually in the second week of August.
The ceremonies are inaugurated by the village elder khiungpu.

The five-day festivals include:

Day Ceremony Description
1 Sito Communal cleaning of the village, repair of village roads
2 Shito Repair of the paths leading to the fields, clearing up of intrusive landslides
3 Zhimto Repair of inter-village roads
4 Chiresco Cleaning of water points and springs
5 Siresok Cleaning and worship of agricultural tools

The tribals pray for the souls of the deceased, invite friends home and exchange gifts. The festival is marked by engagements between the young tribals.